Get to Know the Use of Wallpaper on Computers and Gadgets

What are wallpapers?

When we discuss wallpaper in general, we will find that there are two types.

Wallpaper in the property world is a wall paper with a color or shape motif that is usually affixed to the wall.

The function of the wallpaper is to protect and decorate the wall.

Meanwhile, the definition of wallpaper in the world of technology is a digital image that is often used as a background for computers or cellphones.

The wallpapers that we will discuss this time are wallpapers that are used on computers and mobile devices.  Wallpaper that you can use as a computer or mobile device background can be either an image or an animation.

However, animated wallpapers tend to consume more battery power than image-shaped wallpapers.

Types of Wallpapers

If we look at the wallpapers by resolution, then we will find out that there are desktop wallpapers as well as mobile wallpapers. Desktop wallpaper is a type of wallpaper that is used for computers and laptops. In general, PC wallpapers are made in landscape form which is perfect for making your computer or laptop look more pleasing to the eye.

Meanwhile, mobile wallpaper is a type of wallpaper used for mobile devices such as Android and iPhone devices.  The shape of the mobile wallpaper in general is in the form of a portrait which will also make your mobile device look more beautiful.  Then for the type of wallpaper based on its shape, there are two types of wallpaper namely static wallpaper and dynamic wallpaper.   Static wallpapers are wallpapers that don’t move.  That is, the wallpaper is just an image without any particular effect that makes it seem alive.  Then for dynamic wallpaper is a type of wallpaper where the image can move.  This type of dynamic wallpaper is also known as animated wallpaper or live wallpaper.  For both types of wallpaper certainly have advantages and disadvantages of each.   The advantage is that dynamic wallpapers have a more attractive appearance because the images move so that we don’t get bored.  But the drawback is that dynamic wallpapers tend to consume more battery.  On static wallpapers, maybe in terms of appearance it is less attractive than dynamic wallpapers.  But there are some static wallpapers that have very beautiful images.  In addition, static wallpapers also don’t consume much battery.